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Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Breaking up with a partner is always hard but The Museum of Broken Relationships embraces unique artifacts left behind by former couples. Founded by John B. Quinn in 2016 the museum was brought over from Zagreb, Croatia to the city of dreams. Located just a block away from Hollywood and Highland this museum displays over 115 items that are supposed to take viewers on a deep emotional journey. While some of the exhibits may be sad many are humorous and entertaining and show how these people recuperated from their break-ups. Each object was personally donated from a contributor and each object tells an uncommon story. Anyone also has the chance to contribute to the museum by sending in their own object with the story of that item.

Tickets to the museum cost $18 for general admission but for students it is $15. The museum is open all week but hours differentiate on Thursdays, Fridays, and the weekend. Not only does the museum offer exhibits but it also has numerous events. One event coming up on Sunday March 12 is a Break It/ Make It where people can take out their emotions by smashing anything they want and then they can create something with the broken pieces. The museum also has a gift shop for people wanting to buy merchandise. So for an interesting and unique journey people should definitely check this museum out.

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