Library wants Artist


Joshua Alejano Chronicle Reporter

Let your inner child out inside the library. Since this first semester, the library now has its own coloring stations for artist and young-lings who was to relax and color. It is accessible for all students.  The coloring station is located on top of a shelf near the manga and comic books. It contains a wild variety of coloring pages from dogs, to dragons, to flowers. You can also print your own picture if you don’t favor the ones printed, just ask the librarian. The crayons and color pencils and limited and short, bring your own if you want to have a variation of colors. Sometimes the coloring station has some puzzles that are fun to solve.

If you need some supplies for a project or assignment you can come to the library and ask to borrow some art supplies they have.

This month only the coloring station has a theme of Valentine’s. You can color a Valentine’s day themed coloring page or make your own Valentine’s day card. There are pre-printed cards that you can decorate if you are in a hurry. It contains a cute pictures and clever slogans. It is printed on vibrant colored paper. It could be a cute Valentine’s card for your special someone.

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