Memoir, a show to remember.

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

On the show recently this Friday, I was up for a big surprise. It was a huge day for all the performers on stage. When the curtains went up, I saw professional dancers who may become something big in the future. They all danced and dressed competent. They were all masters of dancing on stage and they proved it right there for the audience. They all performed in large ensembles, making it look as if it were magic by itself. When everyone was dressed the same, it was a scenery that had caught most of my attention. The best part was when they were all in rhythm together as one. There were some solos and duets, and when it happened, it was outstanding. It brought the show to a single scene that mesmerized the audience in awe.

The performers used their space wisely on stage, making enough space for everyone on stage to perform at their best. They timed their cue to go on without mistake, assuring their space available at the moment. They had to make their formations in order to leave and enter organized, or it would’ve been chaos, leaving the show annihilated. Their formations kept the necessary space for everyone to exit in and out with ease. Music is often the key concept of dance shows, in this case, classical, modern and some hip hop music were used during the show. Each type of music had its own contribution that the performers had to follow to keep the beat.

Followed by the music, the choreographers had a mix between modern and ballet dance. When put together, the show seemed it could’ve gone forever, as long as they had different type of performances to watch. Their outfits were good but it could’ve been a bit more colorful than it was. Overall, they made their best out of it, showing their hard work and effort they had put in the show. The background they had was a curtain with a colorful motion effect adding an extra touch to make it better.

Overall, the show was one of the best I had recently watched, showing that they can always make their performers better than before. Their cue’s in and out were timed, although they had some delays when they were changing. It was all outstanding.


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