Stop the bullying

Diana Ryabchikova

Chronicle Reporter


Bullying is a real problem in life. It is happening everywhere, even at our school. You may not  realize it is there, but it is, and we should do something with this big problem.

According to the PBS Kids website, “The reason why one kid would want to bully another kid is this: when you make someone feel bad, you gain power over him or her. Power makes people feel like they’re better than another person, and then that makes them feel really good about themselves. Power also makes you stand out from the crowd.”

According to the article “For Kids: What is a Bully?”, bullies think that  if they would bully someone they will get what they want. Some of them just want to entertain their friends and don’t even realize that they are hurting someone’s feelings.In most situations people bully others because they are being bullied by someone else.

I was bullied in middle school. My classmates laughed at me because they thought that I was too fat to do some things.They did not invite me anywhere, even if I could do things better than them.They told me that I am ugly and I can eat somebody because of fat body.I cried and became depressed about it. Maybe they were thinking that it was a joke and it did not hurt me, but it did and it was happening until I have changed inside and outside  and lost almost 60 pounds.

I am not angry with them now, I just let it go because I realized that they were just jealous of me and nothing more.Sometimes people bully others and see it as a joke, but you never know how person perceives it- as a joke or it really hurts inside.So,why would someone need to hurt someone else in order to feel good about themselves or set attention? Bullying is never okay,cool, or acceptable. No one EVER deserves to be bullied.

Each and every one of us has the right to feel safe in our lives and good about ourselves.When people are being bullied online or on campus, it hurts them and they can go into the stage of stress or depression.That is when they cannot trust anyone and become lonely.They might feel lost and do not know what to do about it.

An important key to know if you are being bullied is to try to surround yourself with friends and people who will stand up for you, do not keep it to yourself.Try not to let the bully see you are upset. Bullies are looking for signs that you are upset and they may do it more. Try to make friends with the bully too- show them other ways to interact with others. They do not need to bully others to be accepted or cool.

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