Man On the Street

What would you like to say to your Valentine?

“To Brenna, Happy Valentine’s day cutie! Text me. Sorry I’m too shy to talk to you!”
-Kamron Orange, 9th PAM

“To Josie, I love you. I’m going to get you flowers and candy baby girl. Happy Valentine’s day to you, Giselle, Katia, Amber, Pamela, and Angie. Love you guys.”
-Chelsy Velis, 9th PAM

“Dearest love, you know who you are. I just wanted to say that I love everything about you, especially your smile. What you make me feel is amazing. When I stare into your eyes I know what I feel is real thus I know you are the only one for me.”
-Steve Jaramillo 12th

“I love you Summer, you are the best. It’s been wonderful being with you. Once again I love you and Happy Valentine’s day booboo!”
-Emigdio Solis, 11th PAM

“He’s great, a really nice guy! He’s cute. Great hair, he’s funny! We’re friends so it’s weird that I’d tell him I like him.”
-Ruth Vasquez, 12th PAM

“I have a boyfriend and he’s cool. He’s weird and being with him is the best high school experience.”
-Claudia Paz 12th PAM


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Camera & Editors: David Martinez

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