School Enforces Discipline

In the midst of the current school year, students and staff may have noticed an increase in the enforcement of rules and regulations on campus. According to Principal Alejandra Sanchez, we have three campus aids- three less than last year. During school hours, two walk around the school while one stands by the entrance.

From the assemblies that are warning what is deemed inappropriate and how the defiant individuals will be dealt with, to random searches conducted by campus security, many students say they are aggravated and confused as to why these procedures are necessary. “With discipline, you have to do it progressively,” said Sanchez.

“I felt it was a little unsettling that they actually had to address the discipline issue,” said Rebekka Grammenos, an SAS student and senior class treasurer.

“Our school is becoming more strict, and the trust for students is going down,” said PAM student Harley Davis.
It’s all a matter of perception, said Assistant Principal Tony Solorzano. “The rules can be stretched at times, or blinders can be put on some things…I think we’ve brought it to their attention that this can’t happen anymore.”

According to Solorzano, the main issues to tackle include drugs, tardies, and the selling of food and other contraband items from off-campus.
Sanchez explained what happens when an individual gets the food they are selling taken away. “If you are caught selling food on campus, you will have it confiscated. That gives Cafe LA competition, and we cannot have that…and if for whatever reason somebody gets sick while eating a sandwich or a candy they purchased from off campus, then it becomes the school’s responsibility.”

As for the random searches, they “are not well-liked, but what the students don’t understand is that it’s not just us, it’s a district policy,” said Dean Essick Allen, whose office walls are heavily decorated with detention slips. “But generally, they’re conducted in front of two or three supervisors for the student’s safety and comfort.”

While the measures taken to ensure safety as a school increase, so does the skepticism and negative feelings among the students. The staff, however, insist it is for students’ benefit. “The bottom line is to get the best we can get for our students,” said Allen.


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