Roque elected President in mock elections

The NMACA Presidential Elections took place on Oct. 22 following the students’ campaigns and hard work.

NMACA Senior Te’Aven Roque was pronounced the winner shortly after. “I’ve never thought myself as much of a clown”, Roque said.

In the build up to the 2012 Presidential Election, Dr. Steven Steinberg, government teacher, once again introduced students to a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

“It is a program that allows seniors to run in a mock presidential election,” Steinberg said, “They campaign, create political parties, and it all leads up to an election in the end.”

In doing this, students are given a first-hand experience on how political parties work. It is a rewarding and rigorous process, and according to Steinberg, the students study past political campaigns. They have also created their own political parties- the Patriots Party, the Euthecratic Party, the Honorables Party, and the Progressive Diplomats Party.

“We study media and make media,” said Steinberg.

During the long-awaited Town Hall meeting, the candidates provided two-minute speeches and a media show.

The candidates answered questions on controversial topics like immigration, abortion, the death penalty, and more.

This is the fourth year that this has taken place in the NMACA program, and the actual elections that are going on further enhance the excitement and learning experience. The students are better able to make the connection and get something out of participating as a result.

“I don’t expect them to become politicians. I expect them to become better citizens…I would say some years have been better than others, but in general, everybody takes the leadership positions and campaigns to heart,” said Steinberg.

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