Hollywood High Welcomes New Social Worker

Ashley Reyes

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Healthy Start program welcomed a new psychiatric social worker, Madison Kilgore, earlier this year. 

Kilgore studied psychology at UC Santa Barbara for her bachelor’s degree and pursued social work at USC for her master’s degree. 

She previously worked as a therapist at Penny Lane Centers, a community mental health non-profit, that focuses on providing resources for everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

“I grew up with a lot of protective factors, a stable environment, good education, and in a middle-class environment where I never lacked anything,” said Kilgore. “I really just want to provide this for the students I work with.”

Kilgore further explains that her position seems to scare most people, as the term “social worker” is usually associated with child protective services and children being removed from homes and placed into the foster care system. However, her role as a social worker differs from that and consists of helping students with their mental health and providing resources for students.

“I am a trained psychologist, so I will even just help students if they’re having a rough day, if they need someone to talk to, if they feel overwhelmed with school work, or even if just ‘hangry’ and need a snack,” said Kilgore.

She also helps provide student resources, such as housing, food, clothes and other necessities. She works with other Healthy Start professionals to direct students to what they need.

“I am not a disciplinarian, I’m just here to help,” said Kilgore. “I hope to receive more students, and if anyone seeks any of my services I am located in room 229”. 

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