Celebrating Day of the Dead In LA

Ashlyn Cortez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Los Angeles offers many events and museums to celebrate the Day of the Dead. People can take a look at these museums, and attend special events hosted around the area. 

Day of the Dead is a day to honor and remember a person who has passed. It is typically celebrated on the first and second days of November. This holiday is especially celebrated in Mexico. People can honor loved ones for the Day of the Dead by making an ofrenda, or an altar, which is created with photos, mementos, fruit, bread, and other favorite things of the ancestors. Other things you can do is attend parades or festivals, and many other activities.

Santa Monica will be having a celebration, where you can watch live performances and look at public ‘La Catrina’ art and sculptures, as well as do family and pet-friendly activities like face painting and arts and crafts. The celebration is free and will go from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. It will be located at Third Street Promenade and Arizona Avenue

Hollywood Forever celebrated the Day of the Dead by opening its grounds to participants from all around the world to spend a special and memorable day. The cost of entry was $56.There were colorful altars, flowers, and hundreds of Aztec dancers throughout the cemetery. In the end, judges selected the best-dressed Calaca (skeleton), as well as the most memorable altars.

For a cheaper option, or plan to go at a later date, you should consider the Day of the Dead Grand Parade, which will be hosted in Long Beach, 400 E Shoreline Drive, on Nov. 4. Tickets will range from $5-10 depending on age, and the parade will be from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

There will be no age requirements to go to any of these places, and the prices are affordable. These events will be open to any looking to celebrate. Happy Day of the Dead.

Photograph: Courtesy Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.La Catrina sculptures by artist Ricardo Soltero.

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