Library grabs the state’s attention

James Ajin

Crimson Chronicle Sports Editor

The school library is participating in the 2023 Open Doors California art event. 

The library was chosen by the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Arts Education Branch to be one of the historic sites featured in this year’s Open Doors California. 

The Open Doors California event showcases the rarest and prettiest artworks and architecture in the state that typically isn’t open to the public. 

“Doors Open California is meant to educate and inform the public,” said Cindy Heitzman, Executive Director of the California Preservation Foundation, “through accessible, relatable, and fun activities that demonstrate the value of our state’s unique, multicultural heritage.” 

The school library was selected for the art showcase because of the mural on the west wall that overlooks the whole library, which is one of many LAUSD murals that exist around Los Angeles. 

Librarian Sherri Whitham, said she’s excited for tourists and art enthusiasts to see the mural.

“It’s nice for people to see it,” said Whitham, “It’s a beautiful mural.” 

The on-campus library was the only LAUSD-affiliated institution in California to be chosen for this event, and good reason also. According to Whitham, the mural represents “what Hollywood is all about.” 

Doors Open California will last from Sept. 9 to Sept. 10, and the fee to attend is $20, which includes access to a number of historic sites. For more information about the locations and availability, visit

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