Mosquitoes strike campus

Jake Stafford

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

It’s an issue that has reached a breaking point within the staff and students, the dissatisfaction that comes with an itch that doesn’t go away, an itch that can leave marks and even start bleeding – the consistent pest that is the mosquito. 

Mosquitoes have long been known to be the most deadly insects in the world, causing about one million deaths a year from transmitting potentially fatal illnesses. They can be found on all continents of the globe except Antarctica. 

The consistent pests leave a mark without being detected, and it’s finally boiled over with the teachers at the school who have had enough. 

A Schoology post made by  an SAS English teacher brought more attention to the issue of mosquitoes and how to handle them, receiving plenty  of feedback from teachers who also had the same problem, even from those in different buildings. 

Principal Samuel Dovlatian said in a post that  he is also dealing with the pests in his office. “While we cannot use any pesticides or harsh chemicals, we have put in a request to Pest Control for service and advice. We are sweeping and drying any standing pools of water and flushing out rain gutters to prevent any multiplication of the mosquitos. Please check your trash cans or hallway trash cans for any signs of them and report it immediately.” 

The school is currently waiting for a response from Pest Control according to Dovlatian. 

While the school waits for a response, there are things you can do to help prevent the pests from biting you. Instructional coach Lori Hunt suggested rubbing scented dryer sheets on yourself to repel the mosquitoes. Other methods include a traditional bug repellent spray and bug zappers. 

Because not much has been done to lower the number of mosquitoes in the school so far, it seems as if students are going to have to put up with the pests for a while. Precautions can be taken by teachers such as sanitizing the classrooms and making sure to not create areas where mosquitoes like to be comfortable in, and even wearing protective clothing such as pants and sweaters to minimize the amount of bites. 

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