Abstract hip hop fans will not be disappointed in new Pink Siifu collab

Tiberius Marks

Crimson Chronicle Editor

Birmingham rapper Pink Siifu, and Los Angeles producer Real Bad Man dropped their first collab album together “Real Bad Flights” on Sept. 16. This album is coming off the backs of Pink Siifu’s last album “Gumbo” released last year, and Real Bad Man’s last album “Killing Nothing” which was a collaboration with Detroit rapper Boldy James which dropped earlier this year. 

“Gumbo” was a sort of break out album for Siifu pushing him out of the underground which he made a career in and finally putting more ears on his work. “Killing Nothing” established Real Bad Man as one of the top producers of this year with beats that perfectly complemented the unorthodox flow, and delivery of Boldy James perfectly.

While Siifu’s solo career has been built on his expansive concept albums it’s always his collabs that show both comfort and adaptability, being able to work well with a variation of people from Slauson Malone to Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. This latest album is no exception, Siifu sounds not only comfortable but thriving on the more abstract boom bap-esque beats of Real Bad Man. On the album are features from the likes of the aforementioned Boldy James, Loji, and the abstract hip hop giants, Billy Woods and Elucid of Armand hammer, Siifu being able to work off each artist’s strengths and still deliver an outstanding performance on each track.

Real Bad Man’s production is both grimy while being sweet to listen to, matching perfectly with Siifu’s unique voice and flow, which at times can create this strange DIY sound. This sound can be seen clearly on tracks such as the first single, “Looking for Water” where Siifu sounds like he recorded his vocals with a gaming headset creating a sound reminiscent of someone like the underground legend Mach-Hommy. He was able to capture a raw DIY sound that doesn’t take away but only adds to the song.

This collab just reinforced Pink Siifu’s status as being one of the best out of the underground scene, dropping a top fifteen hip hop album of the year, while holding one of the most impressive underground discographies of the 2010s. Real Bad Man’s production isn’t out shined either, this latest release has only shown why he is one of the top producers of the year, which is an accomplishment when legendary producers such as Madlib, The Alchemist, and Danger Mouse have all dropped this year.

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