How to celebrate Pride Month

Juniper Donis

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

As June rolls around, members of the LGBT+ community celebrates Pride Month. Hollywood was the city that held it’s first permitted gay parade on Hollywood Boulevard in June 1970. The importance of pride is to not only increase visibility of the people in theLGBT+ community, but to create a safe space for these individuals. Here are ways you can celebrate Pride Month even as an  ally.

  •  Educate yourself on LGBTQ+ history. You can take some time out of your day to educate yourselves on why people celebrate pride every June and the history behind it. To get you started you can learn about the Stonewall Riots.
  • Attend a pride parade.The pride parade that will start at Hollywood and Cahuenga boulevards here is a link to get more information.
  • Volunteer or donate. You can give back to the community and help support the LGBTQ+ community. Some foundations/community centers that you can volunteer or donate to are the Human Rights Campaign, The LGBTQ+ centers, and the Trevor Project to name a few.
  • Support LGBT+ small business. Help support those in the community and if you can you could buy from lgbtq+ small business owners. Here are a couple that you can check out ; Momo Metals, Because, Tifknits,  and Official Rebrand  are just a few small businesses you can support.
  • Watch lgbtq+ media. A way to gain better knowledge and have fun is watch LGBT+ films, movies, and shows. Maybe even reading books that have great queer representation. One Book called One Last Stop by Cassie McQuiston has great lgbtq+ representation. Another recommendation is Heartstopper by Alice Oseman.
  • Purchase Pride merchandise. Many corporations have a pride line. One local spot that many people have been talking about is Target’s pride collection.

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