Choose your next summer album

Tiberius Marks

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

With summer vacation knocking at the door we come to the problem of what we will do when we aren’t occupied in school. One of the easiest ways to pass the time is by listening to music, so I’ve found some amazing summer albums for you to enjoy during your break. 

The first album is FM! By rapper Vince Staples and producer Kenny Beats. This album perfectly embodies the feeling of summer radio with an upbeat easy to listen to sound that blends Vince’s poppy G-funk esque flow mixed with Kenny Beats’ amazing production this album creates an amazing summer vibe that’s perfect for your go to summer album. 

The second album is Flower Boy by Tyler the Creator. This album mixes Tyler’s unique style of hip hop with pop that leads to a beautiful album that creates a bittersweet sound that is perfect for summer. 

The final album is Doolittle by the Pixies. This genre-defining album takes notes from early beach rock which along with the Pixies alternative rock style creates a sound completely unique to itself. This album sound goes perfect for days at the beach especially with tracks like “Wave Of Mutilation” This album will definitely fit into the mood of summer. 

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