Seniors create their own business in Economics class

Melissa Garcia and Heidy Gonzalez presenting their business

Katelyn Escalante

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Seniors finals week is now coming around the corner, which may be stressful for seniors after all the AP testing that was just finished. A few courses are even making students create projects as their final grades as well, such as in economics class, Leighton Milton is having students create their own business throughout the semester and presenting it in class.

With this final project, students have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and create their own businesses. Students have to do their research on the history of their businesses, find an actual location to start their business, create a menu of services provided, and lastly calculate the costs of the business and how big of a loan they need. 

Students have made many unique and interesting business ideas in the class. An example is SAS seniors Angel Morales and Julia Rouillard created a business to sell undergarments and clothing out of sustainable resources at a reasonable price.

“So my business is called Plush, and it’s an undergarments shop where you can buy tank tops, underwear, bras, and more. We make our items with sustainable resources like bamboo and try to price it at a fair price,” said Morales.

Another interesting business students came up with, is a cafe and bakery in New York that sells meat buns by Destiny Garibay and Brenda Ramirez.

“I’ve always enjoyed going to local bakery cafes with friends to just chill and enjoy the presence of one another,” said Garibay. “Our inspiration comes a lot from ones we have visited. We have unique things on our menu that cafe/bakeries don’t usually have either so that’s nice as well. I’m pretty happy with the results since me and my partner worked pretty hard for the best outcome.” 

Students recently started presenting their new ideas this week, and will continue to do so in the upcoming week as well. This project will prepare future business owners and entrepreneurs when they create their own pitches, and gives a sense of preparation for college presentations.

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