Rolling into summer

Giovanni Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Editor

Research shows that spending time outside can help you out by lowering stress and boosting your mood. Not only this, but it can also help reduce screen time and allow you to stay away from any stresses that may be caused by it.

As summer break is soon approaching, students are making their plans. Whether it’s getting ahead of the next school year , getting a job, or finding a sport to play, they plan to have at least some sort of activity to keep them busy.  

Here is what some freshmen, sophomores and juniors have planned for their summer:

Though for seniors it is different. Graduation is coming soon and they have to plan for a whole life ahead of them.  

As they see the horizon of another world, they have a different path they will take to not only get ahead in their education, but also in the working and personal world. 

Here is what they have planned:

In case you are not sure what you are going to do during the summer, here is a list of some activities you can do:

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