Man on the street: How senior Sheiks are preparing for prom night

Christian Roque

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High’s highly anticipated senior prom is set to take place tomorrow night at the California Science Center. This is the first in-person prom to take place since 2020, as both the 2020 and 2021 senior proms were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The event will be hosted at the center’s Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavor Pavillion, one of several different venues the museum houses for private events. The centerpiece of the pavillion is the space shuttle Endeavour, one that has traveled to and from space 25 times. All things considered, the venue choice may strike some as random, especially considering how this prom’s theme is “Midnight Garden”.

The day hasn’t come without its commotion either, especially surrounding what many considered to be the outrageously priced tickets. Making seat reservations at the student store also proved to be a headache earlier this month. Nevertheless, this event second only to the graduation at the Hollywood Bowl is the one that most seniors are making sure they don’t miss.  

In celebration of this momentous occasion, we asked several seniors what they plan on doing for prom.

Question: “What are you doing in preparation for, during, and after prom night?”

Before prom:

“Doing everything at that last moment so I feel that stress high.” – Josmar Sampeiro, TCA

“[I’m] getting a custom made dress, applying for hair dying and styling, [getting my] hands and feet done, buy[ing] heels.” – Ximena Lopez-Rodriguez, SAS

“Nail appointment, makeup appointment, hair prep, dress shopping.” – Amirah Joseph, SAS

On the night of:

“[I’ll] leave school early to put everything together and do my own makeup.” – Ximena Lopez-Rodriguez

“I’ll take pictures and be socializing… I’m in between [about dancing], I’m leaning more towards dancing.” – Amirah Joseph

“I’m just going for the food and to waste some time.” – Josmar Sampeiro

“I’m planning on going with a friend group to prom and just having a ball over there, dancing. Afterwards, I’m probably gonna head home and crash.” – Sergio Liden, PAM 

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