Major De la Rosa arrives as JROTC’s new instructor

Major Rudy De la Rosa, an Army veteran, in Room 229. (Photo by Justin Castillo)

Justin Castillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Major Rudy De La Rosa was introduced as JROTC’s teacher following Mr. Drake’s departure, the old JROTC instructor. This came as a shock to JROTC students who thought that Drake would be their teacher for the rest of the year. 

Major De La Rosa recently left the Army, so he wanted to be home and serve the community in a different manner. For the first half of his life, he served the nation from around the world but says that now, he wants to stay near home. 

The reason he chose an occupation at the school was because of the students. 

“I respect the entertainment industry and many students here go to such industry,” said Major De La Rosa.

Some hobbies that De La Rosa likes are gracie jiu jitsu, studying history, philosophy and geo/politics. He also likes to watch films and television in his spare time. 

“Who doesn’t like to watch television?” said De La Rosa. “People that say they don’t are lying.”

His greatest influence growing up was his father, a Vietnam veteran. He joined the Army because he wanted to be part of his father’s legacy, especially since his father’s dad was also in the U.S. Navy and served in WWII. 

“My father spent time and energy helping others while having no money or education,” said Major De La Rosa. 

Major De La Rosa said he has been given a warm welcome by the school’s students and he wishes that he can share his values and service to the students.

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