Coding opportunity for soon-to-be developers

Leonel Luna

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Codewars, an educational community for computer programming, offers training for people who want to improve their coding skills. It’s a good opportunity for students who plan to take a career that mainly focuses on programming, such as software development. 

“I’m excited to take the chance to learn new development skills over the summer,” said Xavier Martinez, a SAS senior who enjoys coding. 

Codewars is free, and to create an account, you will first need to solve a coding error based on your chosen language. After you will need to set your training preferences so the website can give you the correct level of training. 

Software development, and other fields similar to it, require extensive knowledge of coding in multiple different programming languages. It also requires good problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Codewars  has 55+ different languages students can learn from doing various small exercises called “kata,” which train the aspects needed to become a developer. 

“Coding is fun for me, and I feel like I can learn a lot from what Codewars has to offer,” said Julio Lopez, a SAS senior. 

Codewars is the perfect chance for students to get an early start in the world of developing. Students can use the website to learn how others solve coding problems differently, learn and master new programming languages and compete against peers.

The website goes at the pace of the user and code challenges go from beginner to expert as they learn. However, even beginners require at least a bit of knowledge in coding in order to understand the lessons. 

If you are interested in learning and improving your coding skills in various different programming languages, go to

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