UNICEF club raises money for Ukraine

Valerie Carrillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

UNICEF club members hosted a meeting on March 16 to discuss supporting Ukrainian refugees. The UNICEF Club supports specific charities, by raising funds for those who are in need, such as sanitation is important and hunger.

President and CEO of the UNICEF Club, Angelina Bhowmick, is attempting to raise more funds. There is a lot of awareness about Ukraine and numerous refugees all around the world. 

“Please help UNICEF ensure that Ukraine’ children have access to safe water, nutrition, health care, education and protection” said Angelica Bhowmick, an SAS junior.

Club officers include  Juliana Molina Santos, vice president; Esmeralda Cruz-Martinez, secretary; Ara Chimil-Tizo, historian; Leilany Martinez, treasurer and Tania Gonzalez, event coordinator. 

They are still trying to find ways to donate to the Ukraine problem. UNICEF club members have discovered a link and an organization that they can help support Ukraine by making a donation to the Ukrainian government.

In Ukraine, many children are being separated from their families. Unfortunately, not many children were able to leave Ukraine and find shelter; however, many children were able to flee from Ukraine and find protection. 

They’re still trapped in Ukraine, deprived of an  education and unable to see their fathers who must fight in the war. Because of the explosions, many people are living in fear. As bombs are slamming them at random, their must be something that people can do to alleviate their suffering.

So if you are willing, visit  https://www.unicefusa.org/?form=FUNKTET fundraiser=NUWZPVHF and do what you can.

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