Dave & Buster’s senior breakfast does not disappoint

Kevin Ramirez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Many seniors attended the senior breakfast last Friday at Dave & Buster’s and as expected – or to some people’s surprise – it was a huge success. 

Seniors who paid for the senior breakfast along with their senior packet or separately were allowed to attend on Friday. Seniors met at the Hawthorne school gate before 8:15 a.m. when later they were all escorted by staff members to Dave & Buster’s. 

An all you can eat breakfast buffet included scrambled eggs, bacon, sliced fruits of all kinds, muffins and more. When it came to drinks there was a minimum variety that not many found a problem in, including pink lemonade and water. 

“ I wish there was something else to drink besides water and lemonade,” said NMA senior Jimmy Barillas. “ Others disagreed with me arguing that during breakfast time there’s only so much available to drink. I agreed but I still wish they could have at least had orange juice which is everyone’s favorite to drink.” 

Seniors were each given a power card so that they could be allowed to play all kinds of games. There were few tokens in the power cards, only allowing the seniors to play a small amount of games before they were out. To everyone’s surprise though, the tokens were not necessary to have fun, as it was optional to only play a specific variety of games that the cards allowed to play for free as much as they wanted.

The games were labeled green, blue, rainbow, and purple. The blue games were the only games that allowed people to play as much as they wanted free of charge. The green games provided tickets like the rest of the games, that can later be exchanged for prizes. Those games needed tokens before you can play so if you wished to play lots of those you would have to put in tokens into your card. Rainbow and purple games took more tokens out of your card to play, but like green games they provided tickets based on your performance in the game.

Games included racing where four players would line up in seats behind a steering wheel and battled to first place. Other games were single player or two player. A fun game that was very popular among many of the seniors was the claw machines. You didn’t win tickets from the claw machine, but when you got lucky you won a stuffed animal. There was even a giant claw machine that included a giant dolphin, a giant boxing glove and a big pink sloth. 

“I had an amazing time playing all the games with friends. The most important thing to me though was making this a memory with friends,” said NMA senior Cristian Chajon.

Seniors played and played until the time was up and they exchanged their winning tickets for a prize at the prize store. Not many of the seniors had more than 200 tickets, but two students had more than 1,000 tickets. One had around 4,000 tickets. While for the most tickets winning went to a senior who had 5,000 tickets.

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