Sheiks most recently played songs

Justin Castillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

With everyone having a phone, there are apps such as Spotify and Apple Music that people use to listen to their favorite music. I asked my peers what song they were listening to and a song to recommend. 

“I’m listening to ‘Hood Rich’ by Lil Tjay,” said Brian Lopez, NMA senior. He found this song in Lil Tjay’s recent album, “Destined 2 Win.” As rap was his favorite genre, he suggested another rap song. “I recommend people to listen to ‘Need It’ by Migos.”

Omar Navar, SAS senior, was passing by while listening to “STATS” by Baby Keem. “I like the instrumentals and the beat is neat. I also like the switch up on the beat.”

 It seemed like the common genre of music that students were listening to was rap or hip-hop.

 “I was listening to ‘Congratulations’ by Mac Miller, he is one of my favorite artists,” said Katelyn Mejia, TCA senior. “A song I would recommend is ‘Muerte en Hawaii’ by Calle 13. It has a calm vibe and reminds me of the beach in a bright setting.” 

With some more Spanish songs, Alex Nibra, NMA senior, said his most recent song was ‘La Canción’ by Bad Bunny. “I’ve been playing this song a lot because of TikTok.”

His favorite genre is corridos, songs that are popular in Mexico and are often about history, daily life for criminals, and the vaquero lifestyle. 

“People should start listening to the song ‘No Me Conoce’ by Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Jhay Cortez,” said Alex.

Music is everywhere and for some people, it is a necessity. It helps students be calm and go on with their day in school.

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