Fundraising towards a water system in Vietnam

Axel Brito

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Matter with Purpose club is teaming up with Gravity Water to provide kindergarten students in Vietnam with a water system through a fundraising campaign. They seek to alleviate a global water crisis with Lung Phing Kindergarten being a stepping stone in solving this issue by providing them with a water system that is wholly self-sufficient.

The goal of this campaign is $2500, with Gravity Water claiming that “Every $8 donated provides one child with safe drinking water.” As of now they have raised $80, leaving a large bulk of the sum up in the air and it calls for further participation by students either through direct donations or distributing awareness of the campaign.

“We are working on a fundraising campaign [known as] water week, which is the week we tend to campaign on” said Sakunit Srilom, TCA Senior, President of the Matter with Purpose club. They further elaborated that while there is no exact deadline by when they have to fundraise the money, they are seeking to do a bulk of it in the following weeks, but the sooner the better.

Donations themselves can be done through:

The issue being addressed arises from a prolonged water crisis that Vietnam is facing. “[O]nly 39% of the rural population has access to safe water and sanitation” reported The Water Project and this is reflected in the school the water system will serve. As of now the school has to boil water in order to serve safe drinking water for its students.

Yet, through Gravity Water, a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by Danny Wright, this issue should be alleviated through their gravity based filtration system. According to their Vietnam project, “Since 2017, Gravity Water has worked with over 35 schools and communities in Vietnam, providing a daily source of safe drinking water to over 12,000 Vietnamese children and community members.”

In teaming up with Matter with Purpose, they will continue serving school children in most need of clean water.

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