Step it up on the food LAUSD


Valerie Carrillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Doctors and health-care organizations have advised not only kids, but also adults, to have a healthy and hearty lunch. When students arrive at school, they expect a flavorsome breakfast and lunch because not every child can have these at home due to financial issues.

Children and adults,according to doctors, require their daily servings of vegetables, fruits, dairy and finally, protein. Many pupils are unlikely to do so because they have never been taught to eat healthy, although they are assured that they will be served a hot lunch at school.

If you have a 5-minute break, look up “School lunch in ” on the internet.You can notice the differences in the food that children consume in other nations, specifically France.

Students here in California have to eat bagged food that has instructions on how to microwave it and don’t even have the amount of calories that are being consumed. Students are eating foods such as dried,hard bread buns with cold, almost frozen, cheap American cheese. Compared to France, students in their schools are eating diced fruit (apples and kiwis), expensive cheese (brie), diced vegetables (grilled carrots and grilled green beans), meat (sauteed steak), juice in a cup, or water, with metal utensils as well. We have plastic sporks.

LAUSD has failed to provide for their students. Students deserve to eat something they’d enjoy as expected, because who wouldn’t enjoy a nice meal? Students aren’t the only ones who have to go out of their way to eat what they have.

Teachers get paid depending on how many years they’ve worked, which is kind of upsetting due to the fact that some make more than others, although that’s a different topic. Every teacher should be provided a nice meal since they do work for the school. Who would want to eat a meal that’s served in a microwaved bag?

Human beings deserve a good, real meal. LAUSD needs to step up and feed their hard working students and teachers and give them the motivation. They need to teach their students for them to do well in school.

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