UNICEF Club hosts a food drive

Zaineh Saleh

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High’s UNICEF club is hosting a canned food drive. The club is currently collecting canned foods ranging from beans, tuna, corn, to chili. The drive began on Nov.3 however will be continuous all the way to the 19th. 

Students get the opportunity to gain 30 minutes of community service for every 2 cans they decide to donate. This is a great opportunity for seniors to complete their 15 hours of required community service as the deadline for service hours is on Dec. 3. 

The proceeds will be going to an organization called “World Harvest Food Bank ”. The mission of the bank is to provide essentials and basic staples to the people who are at risk of hunger.

“My wonderful club members and I chose to start a canned food drive as we approach Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving, we often express our gratitude and celebrate our blessings. Many of us have the blessing to celebrate this lovely holiday with food on our table. But for the families and individuals who face hunger, it can be tough to celebrate Thanksgiving.” said Angelina Bhowmick, the president of UNICEF. 

To drop off the cans, students will have to go to room 307 or 306 during nutrition or lunch and fill out the signup sheet to ensure they get their service hours. 

UNICEF decided to partner with the organization as many of its values seem to align. UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) mainly advocates for the protection of children’s rights by providing basic necessities such as water, sanitation, and most importantly food. UNICEF values are implemented in this canned food drive as they will be helping families and individuals receive access to one of the biggest necessities in life, food.

Participating in the canned food drive would allow students to open their eyes to how big of a difference they can make by donating canned foods, as they help reduce the problem of food insecurity within our community. As they earn service hours, they will play a huge part in the well-being of the less fortunate.

When asked how she feels about the increasing participation within the event,  “ I truly cannot express the amount of joy that I feel. It makes me feel content to know that we are making a big difference in our community that starts within Hollywood High. I” she said.

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