Swim team dives into their season

Ashley Martinez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Today in the quad at 3:40 pm there will be a swim meeting for any interested students.

Swim team members will do dryland and swim in the pool. Dryland is an exercise that takes place outside of the pool, such as leg lifts. The meeting will explain the practice schedule.

This year the school will finally use the pool next to the big gym. The pool, which underwent repairs, hasn’t been used for the last two years.

For the 2019 season,  the pool was broken and the team had to go practice at Bernstein High School for their whole season. The pool was ready to be used for the 2020 season but COVID happened and all that got canceled until this year’s season. 

Valerie Carrillo, SAS senior and swim captain said, “I feel very anxious and excited to swim in the Hollywood High School pool. I remember going to the Bernstein pool and it being cold since their pool was outdoor, unlike ours since it’s indoor, and we have a heater as well.” 

Athletes must be fully vaccinated by Jan. 10 and have their physical turned in to be able to participate in the swim team. Those who are not vaccinated yet or haven’t done a physical can go to the Wellness Center for assistance.

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