Students plan fun and rest over the week break

Cristian Chajon

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

As Thanksgiving break is underway and students have a week away from school. Plans are going to be a discussion for many students.

Many students are planning trips with family or planning hangouts with friends over this week-long break. Others plan to relax and stay in the comfort of their home with family. 

Some seniors plan to use this break to work on college applications which the deadline is fast approaching. While other seniors may use this time to finish their service hours which the deadline is fast approaching as well. 

 “My plans over the break is to mainly focus on college applications but also try to relax a little because I feel like I need this,” NMA senior Felicia Williams said.

While others have different plans it doesn’t mean that they can’t balance both work and the little time off needed.

“Some plans that I have over the break are to chill with family and do homework as well as hang out with friends,” said Jimmy Barillas, NMA senior.

Other students also plan to use this break to play sports or practice their passions. 

“ My plans over the break are to play soccer and have fun,” said Alan Guzman SAS freshman.

Some students have plans to enjoy their break away from home while spending time with their families.

“I’m planning to go to Universal Studios for two days during the break with my family and we are going to rent a residence hotel and celebrate together,” said Ashley Cabahug, NMA senior.

So many students have many things planned out for this break and intend to enjoy the most of it. Many said they feel this is something that is very much needed for many students and are very much going to enjoy the week long break.

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