Students experience a euphoric night at homecoming

Allison Moreno

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The long-awaited homecoming dance was a magical night for many. As expected homecoming tickets sold out in a matter of days, not everyone was able to secure a spot because of covid guidelines that had to be followed. At the dance, everyone wore masks and everything sold was packaged, some slight changes that were required. 

The winning theme, “A Euphoric Night,” was seen throughout the night in various interpretations. Rhinestones and sparkles were a recurring makeup trend that night.

 “The gems were a prominent feature that correlated well with the euphoric theme,” said ASB President Belen Cruz. Some wore the flashy stones in their hair and others placed them all around their face. It was the trend of the night as well as sparkly dresses. The guys also participated with glitter on their faces.

It’s safe to say that Hollywood’s students had a memorable night at homecoming considering everyone was seen dancing and singing with smiles that went from ear to ear. 

Candy Gonzalez said, “the highlight of my night was dancing with my friends knowing I was creating a memory that would live in my heart forever”. 

The DJ was a student herself, Kristina Patino who used her skills to keep her peers entertained. Kristina said, “I honestly loved being a dj, being behind the music and entertainment made me feel like I have control over their emotions.”

In accordance with homecoming tradition, there was a vote for the 2021 HOCO court. The king and queen announced were Andrea Galvan and Erik Paxtor. Andrea Galvan said she ran for homecoming queen because “since she was small she always wanted to run for homecoming queen because it runs in her family.” She believes she will be a great representative because of her positive, courageous and gregarious personality”. 

The king, Erik Paxtor, said he felt ” Very excited when the crown was placed on my head because I had anxiously been awaiting the results all week, I am so thankful for the support my peers have shown me”.

Throughout the night many memories were created, laughs were shared, and bonds were formed. This homecoming was a success thanks to the efforts of leadership. While the circumstances might not have been ideal the students at Hollywood still made a euphoric night happen. 

Credit: Zaineh Sale

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