Students give their thoughts on vaccinations

Ashley Estrada

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

LAUSD students will have to be fully vaccinated by Jan 10, 2022. This means that students will have to continue classes online if they choose to not get vaccinated. Students are being told to get their first vaccine by Nov 21. They will also have to get their second vaccine by Dec 19. 

Hollywood High School is encouraging their students to get vaccinated as soon as possible so they can continue school in person and for their safety. Since some families don’t want to get them vaccinated their kids will have to join the City of Angels program starting next semester.

Four students from Hollywood High School shared their opinion on the vaccination news. 

Britney Estrada, freshman SAS student (top left corner), said, “I believe that students should get their vaccinations as soon as possible. They shouldn’t do it to come back to school but for their safety and the safety of others.” Britney was vaccinated in the summer. Her reason was to keep herself safe, as well as her family. 

Anaely Servando, sophomore NMA student (top right corner), said, “kids should be vaccinated for next year to keep others safe, including family and friends. We still need to take precautions and wear our masks.” Anaely is vaccinated because she doesn’t want to get herself or her family sick.

Katherine Gomez, junior NMA student (bottom left corner), said, “I think it’s gonna be the same if all kids who are vaccinated attend school because the vaccination is not going to stop you from getting COVID, but it’s to help you prevent it and keep your defenses up.” Katherine is also fully vaccinated. Her mom has convinced her to get her vaccines so she can be safe in public. 

Angeline Rosas, senior TCA student (bottom left corner), said, “I definitely think we will be safer since we all will have the vaccine.” She said she believes that we should not stop wearing masks next semester to be cautious of the virus. Angeline is not fully vaccinated yet but has gotten her first vaccine and will soon get her second.

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