SRLA racing towards marathon

Andy Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

SRLA recently completed its “SRLA Strength 10k” in La Puente, resulting in the collection of medals for the team. Students Run LA will next race in “The SRLA Endurance 15K.” This is the second event in the SRLA Medal Series, by completing the 15K in person at Woodley Park the runners will earn the second medal as well as one step closer to running the Los Angeles Marathon. 

Although SRLA are training for the 2022 marathon, last Sunday, the Los Angeles Marathon finally came back after a long wait of 19 months, which also led to the marathon being delayed twice over these months.

“My favorite part of SRLA is the feeling of accomplishment I get after finishing each race, as well as the bus ride.” said Alejandra Valenzuela, a senior.

While running people tend to feel some sort of relief especially after running long distances. It can be used to clear up minds as well as provide students with the opportunity to complete something big. SRLA runner Malachi Schneider speaks out about obstacles he had to overcome while running. “When I had shin splints it didn’t affect me but when I sprint I feel it the most. Even if I go slow I would still wanna finish and cross the finish line,” said Malachi, a TCA senior.

Learning to overcome certain obstacles such as an injury involves dedication as well as patience to get back on track.

“Running the miles and just getting mental toughness out of the way at times can also be a sense of accomplishment and, when I passed the finish line I’m not the person I used to be,” said Malachi.

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