Part-time working students on why they work

Leonel Luna

Crimson Chonicle Reporter

Students are taking the opportunity to get a job and getting a feel for what working for a salary is like. Paying for college, hobbies, or personal needs or wants are ways students can spend their paycheck. But, it also exposes them to the workplace and provides them insight into what working is like. 

While paying for personal needs is a main motive for many, others have other reasons. Belen Cruz, SAS senior who works at a restaurant called Fogo de Chao, wanted to reduce the stress of her parents. 

“I wanted to help my parents out because I’m their oldest of four so I decided if I worked, they would have less to worry about,” said Belen. Moreover, she wanted to have a “different type of responsibility.” Getting a job helped her gain new experiences in the work field.  

Although students are able to earn their own money, it comes with its own problems. “It’s senior year, I want to go do random stuff with friends, but sometimes I can’t because of work,” said Xavier Martinez, SAS senior and cashier for Jack in the Box. 

Having a job comes with the expense of having less time to do much else and makes it difficult for students to manage their time.  Xavier comments on this, saying, “it’s also a bit hard to balance with school.” To be a working student, it requires some time-management skills or else you’ll find yourself behind on schoolwork. 

The current minimum wage ranges from $13 to $14 per hour in the state, but according to, students can receive as little as $11.05. Annually, that is about $11,492 given they work 20 hours per week for a year. 

While each student has their own reason for working, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a great way to gain experience outside of school. Especially with the value that work experience can bring, students are able to set themselves up for the future.

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