Making movie posters in Digital Imaging

Katelyn Escalante

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Digital imaging is a beginning course that gives students technical expertise and hands-on practice with a range of computer and software for creating and manipulating still, two-dimensional images, as well as digital input and output devices. The class is taught by Lisa Leconte, an NMA teacher. She also holds the animation and cinema club in her class. 

Digital imaging teaches students the process of Photoshop and art, along with the history of it as well. 

“I think this class helps you become a more creative person, and it brings out ideas in you that you never thought you had. It also teaches you new art skills,” said Brenda Ramirez, an SAS senior.

Digital imaging uses the program Photopea in order to create the art in this class, along with the typical pencil and paper for their daily drawing warm ups. Students are able to expand their drawing skills and try new things in this class. This class will later focus on topics such as typography, website design, and color theory. They are all very important things to learn when being in a digital era. The class leads up onto their final portfolio which is something that each student will soon present to their class, that contains past work and projects done.

“It’s useful for some people, not for everyone. It would help people that do photography and famous people and benefit them. For people like me, I want to be a mechanic so it won’t help me. But it’s cool for a hobby outside of work,” said Arturo Carmona, a TCA senior 

The course is finished with their third unit which is Movie Poster Design. It revolves around the art styles and elements put into movie posters that are put out to this day, and students have the ability to create their own movie poster. 

Now, the main focus in this class is “Restoration and Retouching,” teaching students the effect Photoshop can have on media along with how to correctly use Photoshop. The course is really great to take when wanting to pursue a future career in digital design and media.

“I like that we get to play around with making posters and photoshop, because it’s something different than doing math or English. It gives students a way to express themselves and a view into what they can study in the future,” said Sophia Guevara, an SAS senior.

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