Video production substitute’s term ends

Giovanni Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

NMA’s Video Production teacher, Gavin Glynn, who has spent years working in Hollywood, including 20th Century Fox and Disney, is finishing up his time as a substitute teacher.

“He’s cool. He’s very energetic,” said Efren Perez, a NMA senior.

Known by the former Hollywood High School principal, Dr. Mary Reid, Glynn was contacted by Catrisa Booker, the current assistant principal, because of his Hollywood entertainment background and was asked to open up H Studios, also known as the new video production space. 

As his first job, Glynn worked in Human Resources for 20th Century Fox Studios, getting to know the organizational chart of the studio system from top to bottom. Later, Glynn was able to open up a producer’s office. Glynn went on to work at Walt Disney International in Tokyo, where he converted Disney animated features into stage productions.

After Glynn adopted five children out of foster care, he needed more time to be a father so he switched to being a consultant where he showed people how to “get their scripts from page to the stage,” said Glynn.  

Glynn’s time as the Video Production teacher is coming to end; however, he wants to leave the students with courage, referring to Charlie Chaplin coming here as a Jewish immigrant with no money but later becoming number one in the box office after two years. Glynn said that if Charlie Chaplin can do it, anybody can do it. 

”You have to have the power, right? If you sway left or right, somebody calls you a bad name and you feel bad, or somebody says you’re really great and you feel good. That’s no good. You need to be happy and tight and strong in the center, so that you don’t take no for an answer, and you push through,” Glynn said, quoting his mother-in-law, from whom he takes inspiration.

Though Glynn may no longer be the video production substitute, he said that he may be transferred over to the school’s English department. When that happens, the video production class will be taken over by another teacher.

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