LGBTQ+ club provides queer students with a brave space

Tiberius Marks

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The clubs at the school are a fun use of one’s time spent doing something they’re interested in, but the LGBTQ+ club acts as much more, especially in today’s society. 

Every Wednesday in room 138B, sponsored by social studies teacher Michael Bitran, queer students gather and speak of their experiences without judgment.

Though there are times and places where queer people are accepted and can freely express themselves, it doesn’t change the reality that many aren’t accepted. 

“I’m a PAM student… and because I’m in performing arts everyone just kind of accepts the fact that most of us are gay, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not until I go to other SLCs where I either get hardcore homophobia and people calling me the f-slur or I get really subtle things,” said Alex Flores, the president of the LGBTQ+ club, about how being queer has affected his experience in the school. 

This being a common occurrence, the LGBTQ+ club provides a space for queer students and allies. “High school isn’t easy for all of us. It’s an awkward, weird time in our lives, and… being queer just adds onto it, like ‘oh my god I’m queer and I just don’t know what I am and I feel different from everyone else,’ ” said Alex about how being queer can make students feel isolated and alienated. 

One of the hardest parts of being queer choosing the time to come out as it tends to cause a disconnect with who they are and how they’re being perceived. Luckily, the LGBTQ+ club provides queer students with a place to connect with other queer students and feel pride in their identity without being outed. 

“We do not reveal anyone’s identity if they don’t want it to be revealed. We don’t reveal anyone’s sexuality,” said Alex. Because of this, many queer students have felt comfortable coming out and to those who are unsure, Alex tells them to go to the LGBTQ+ club and hear everyone’s story. 

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