Girl Up club elects officers

Jenifer Mejia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Girl Up club starts the month of November off fresh by electing new officers. 

Even though it had a rough beginning, the club is thriving.  Before becoming presidents of the Girl Up Club, Maria and Ashley had two clubs of their own. Maria Carrasco, a NMA senior, created the Feminism Advocacy Club and Ashley Jung, SAS junior, created the Girls Up Club. 

Both presidents, Ashely Jung and Maria Carrasco had trouble establishing their clubs because two feminist advocacy clubs would be confusing.  

Maria Carrasco, new co-president said,  “We both decided to be presidents of the club together.

“ It was pretty complicated but we persevered and worked through it,” Maria said. 

Both presidents decided to combine both clubs and create one. It all worked out in the end because   “Working with her is so incredibly fun and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else” said Maria. 

Along with electing presidents, the Girl Up club also elected an event coordinator.  Amira Ben Hassine, a senior who is eager to take on this job. “When I got the position I was very excited and couldn’t wait to tell them the activities I had planned for our club,” she said.   

The Girl Up Club is ready to begin work with their new board , Emily Montenegro as vice president, Juirdane Taylor as secretary and Emma Kaplan as historian.

Hollywood High School has never doubted their students’ management skills and has very high hopes for this club. The Girl Up club meets on Thursdays during lunch in room 424.   

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