Co-Star Astrology App

Kevin Ramirez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hear about the app that everyone is talking about in the NMA hallways. The app’s name is Co – Star.

It is an astrology-based app that informs in real-time about your horoscope, personality and compatibility of you and your friends and lots more. The app tells you the weather and how you are feeling today with some advice that is meant for you about Social Life, Routine Spirituality, Thinking and Creativity, and something a little more spicy if interested, Sex and Love. Many claim that it is scary accurate.

Dayanara Reyes, NMA senior said, “ It’s so accurate I think it’s really going to be the next big thing because it helps us build connections with other people. You can find it very helpful if you’re curious.”

Once getting the app you need to create an account with seven simple steps. 

1. Inputting your phone number

2. Inputting a username

Be careful because many people who have the app may already have that username so you aren’t allowed to use it. So think of something creative.

3. Password

4. Inputting your first and last name

5. Birthday

6. Time of day when born

7. Birth Place

Within a group of friends of 17 students, 12th grader NMA student Jazmin Hernandez suggested the app and from there everyone in the friend group got it.

Jazmin said, “I heard it from a friend that was talking about it with me in class. It’s actually a funny story  my friend was telling me about how I look like the kind of person to love Co-Star and I didn’t know what it was so she showed me and I did like it”.

From there the rest of the friend group joined her on her fun experience.

Be the next one to join a world of astrology and information about you and your friends.

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