Vaccine mandate quickly approaches

Joseph Gallegos

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The pandemic has brought upon many changes in our lives, one of them being the need for the vaccine in order to be able to do everyday things we used to be able to do before. One of the things affected by this now is being able to go to school.

In LAUSD, the vaccine mandate is right around the corner. If students wish to remain in-person next semester, they will need to be fully vaccinated by Jan 10, 2022. This means that in order to make this deadline, you must get your first dose of the vaccine by Nov. 21 and your second dose by Dec. 19. For those who can’t get the vaccine but still want to stay in-person, they must have a qualified medical exemption.

For those who aren’t fully vaccinated by the deadline, whether by choice or failing to do so in time, the alternative is joining the City of Angels program. The City of Angels program is an independent studies program offered by LAUSD that accommodates students who are unable to attend in-person learning. This program is somewhat similar to the online learning situation that we had during the 2020-2021 school year.

Leonel Luna, an SAS senior, started off the school year through the City of Angels program but chose to switch back to in-person learning. “We had a Zoom meeting with an instructor at 8:00 telling us what we had to complete for the day for about 30 minutes,” said Leonel when asked about the program, “it was completely independent.” As for why he chose to come back, he said, “There really aren’t any teachers, at least from my experience; so it really had no socializing aspect to it. I eventually grew tired of it and decided to go back to in-person.”

Octavian Bridges, an SAS senior, switched from in-person learning to the City of Angels program. As for what he thinks of the program, Octavian said, “it’s been great, they give you both semesters to do at your own pace and only supply you with your required class, so I have two courses.”

What appears to be constant however, is the socializing aspect of it, as he said, “I do miss seeing people.”

For those who still need to get the vaccine, you can book an appointment through the Daily Pass with one of the available sites being the Wellness Center at Hollywood High School.

For those who need to upload their vaccination records to the Daily Pass but need help, you can get help from Assistant Principal Kevin Clanin in the quad during lunch.

As for those who will be switching to the City of Angels program, more information will be provided as to how things will work out as the next semester approaches.

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