Students study the history of rock and roll in new elective

Leonel Luna

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Along with other new electives being introduced, the History of Rock and Roll class is now in its first year and being taught by Dr. Steinberg, a SAS social studies teacher. As the name suggests, the class gives students a chance to learn about how music developed from its early stages and how we know it today. 

“It created the opportunity for the white and black to integrate. There was a common music you can listen to, dance to,” said Dr. Steinberg. 

Students so far have been learning about the development of rock and roll; specifically about the history of the blues migrating to the north from the south and how it soon developed into the white audience. Originally, music made by African Americans was called “race music” and was only expected to be listened to by black people. It then transitioned into what we know as R&B and managed to grow a more diverse audience.

“I thought I was gonna learn about Metallica, but for now it is not too interesting,” said Ryan Zuniga, a senior.

Although the class may have not lived up to some expectations, others enjoy the class. “I like the music here. It tends to be very time-consuming at times, but other than that it is a pretty neat class,” said SAS junior, Caleb Alvarado. Nevertheless, students who take an interest in music now have a way to learn about its past. They can develop a newfound appreciation or understanding for music and its culture. 

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