Students Run Los Angeles compete Sunday in 10K

Students running in Griffith Park

Andy Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Members of SRLA will compete in their second race Sunday in La Puente, in order to add another medal to their collection. The new season of SRLA (Students Run Los Angeles) has brought much enjoyment for those who love to run, members said.

To prepare for this run, students practice every Sunday in order to build up stamina and strength. Practices are a big part of SRLA as the final race is the Los Angeles Marathon that takes place every March. This upcoming 10k (five miles) is only a fraction of what these students will face as the marathon totals 26.2 miles. 

This season has brought these hard-working students the opportunity to run again after a stressful pandemic year. One of SRLA’s newest members, Crystal Abarca, starts her year off running with the team as it’s her final year at Hollywood High School. “Practice is my least favorite thing, but after finishing I feel great and it’s a good start to my week,” said Crystal, a senior. 

Many returning runners such as Arthur Velasquez who’s been running for SRLA for six years, seem to enjoy coming back. During their latest marathon, members of SRLA had to run alone due to the pandemic. Instead of running alone, the rules were also changed. The runners were required to wear masks and also practice social distance while running. With the old rules being lifted, runners may now practice with groups as well as with their coaches. 

“After not running with the group due to the pandemic we’ve finally got to practice and run with others again…It was very different because during the pandemic we learned to run independently,” said Arthur.

Team members said they are stoked about what’s to come and they realized the hard work and commitment needed to achieve this goal. With history teacher Johnny Wood and JROTC teacher Colonel Ted Arlauskas coaching the new young athletes, these athletes have big footsteps to fill.

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