Student opinions on new schedule

Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle reporter

Before the school went into lockdown, Hollywood High had a six-period daily schedule. Students now have eight periods to keep track of. However, instead of having all eight classes on the same day, we have half of them on one day and the other half on the next day. This means that each class is now 90 minutes long. 

Some students have been enjoying the new schedule, while others have been disliking it. 

Many students mention that they like the new schedule since they have been able to complete all of their work in class because classes are longer. They don’t have to do homework when they get home because they already completed it in class. This is also more convenient since we get out at 3:35 p.m instead of 3:04 p.m. 

“I like the new schedule because I have been getting all my work done while I’m in class. I go home and don’t have to worry about completing homework,” said PAM student, Katelyn Reyes, a junior.

Some students have mixed feelings about the new schedule because they like spending a lot of time in their favorite class. However, they don’t like having this schedule in the classes they don’t enjoy. 

“I like the new schedule when I’m in classes with my friends, but I don’t like the new schedule when I’m in the classes without anyone,” said SAS student Alvaro Perez, a sophomore. 

Many students dislike the new schedule since their teachers teach during the entire 90 minutes without taking a break. The students become exhausted as a result of this. What makes this even more challenging is that we went from being so comfortable in our homes during Zoom to sitting in our chairs for 90 minutes. 

“I was used to being so comfortable in my home, now I get fidgety when I sit in class for 90 minutes,” said TCA student Ashot Oganesyan, a junior.

The most difficult aspect of this new schedule for many students is managing all of their courses with two extra classes. However, some students said they like the new schedule because it allows them to make up for their missing credits, but others have a different opinion. “I used to have a hard time maintaining my good grades while we still had six classes; now I have more to worry about,” said PAM student Genesis Saldana, a junior.

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