Photography Club searches for new members

Joseph Gallegos

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Photography Club is holding meetings for the first time in person since starting last year during the pandemic. Sponsored by Hollywood High teacher Rashan Briggs, students who are interested in photography are encouraged to join, regardless of the amount of prior experience they may have.

“I would say if I didn’t love teaching I would say I love photography,” said Briggs on why he sponsored the club. “I love photography as a means for communicating, I love photography as a means for sharing ideas and cultures. To me I guess it’s more than just a hobby, it’s sort of like an escape to kind of be an artist.” This passion of his is something that he hopes to share with students who also have an interest in photography.

Nowadays, with modern technology, teens are used to taking pictures with their phones and using different components such as experimenting with lights, angles and editing. Because of this, the Photography Club is accepting students who want to learn more about photography and get more involved in hands-on activities.

Several members of the club have said that they have just recently started to get into photography and have been interested in learning more about it. Some have more  experience however as member Solomon Fareman, an NMA junior who’s been interested in photography since he was seven, says, “My dad was a photographer and videographer working for movies and tv shows and that’s how I got interested in photography.”

The club has been attending the school’s football games to take pictures of the team playing. They also plan to attend homecoming and work as the photographers of the event, taking pictures of students and then selling them to those who want to keep them as memorabilia. They’re also hoping to partner with more school events, leadership and the Crimson Chronicle. (See member Monserrath Ortiz’s photo on our football story.)

The club is still accepting members with the only requirement being wanting to learn more about photography and being willing to share your work with your peers. They meet every Wednesday during lunch in room 303 B.

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