Leadership holds blood drive Tuesday

Jimena Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Are you over 5’2, do you weigh 120 pounds, and are you at least 16? If so, you are eligible to donate blood during Hollywood High’s Blood Drive on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

Leadership students can sign up interested blood donors. Leadership will assist American Red Cross associates with the drive in the small gym throughout the day. 

Those who have signed up will be summoned out of class and sent to the small gym. For the most part, students will be donating a pint of blood. After a student donates and is not light-headed, they will be offered a snack and a drink before returning back to class. 

Paula Opun, the co-chair of the service and wellness committee in Leadership and the coordinator for the blood drive, said “along with people donating blood, we will have Powerade.” This is to ensure that students who are participating can still get through the day in a healthy way. 

Still debating on whether or not to donate blood? According to an article by Benefit & Risk Management Services, be aware that donating blood has numerous health benefits, including improved health and a lower risk of cancer and hemochromatosis abs, which is also known as iron overload in the body. As well as contributions to the prevention of liver and pancreas damage.    

The article by Benefit & Risk Management Services also mentions that blood donation may help reduce the chances of obesity, in turn, improving cardiovascular health. By donating blood, students can aid in the treatment of cancer patients, bleeding problems, cancer-related chronic anemia, sickle cell anemia, and other genetic blood disorders. Not only can blood donation improves the lives of those who receive it, it also helps the donor better their health.

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  1. I didn’t know about the health benefits of donating blood before reading this article. I’ll be sure to donate next time there is a blood drive knowing this knowledge!

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