Kevin Clanin named assistant principal

Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

From former instructional coordinator at another school to assistant principal at Hollywood High, Kevin Clanin talks about his new job as assistant principal upon Samuel Dovlatian becoming the new principal. 

Clanin has been feeling very good about this school year as he said “everyday is different.” 

He said he loves his job because he always has something to do and gets to work with many amazing people. “Each day is a new day of learning, because there is always something new that comes out,” said Clanin.

Clanin worked as an instructional coordinator before becoming assistant principal, which meant he assisted teachers and school administrators with their educational needs, such as training teachers.

His day begins at the front gate, where he ensures that all kids are checked in with their daily passes. After students are safely checked in, his day gets busy since various things come up, such as assisting a parent, student, or teacher with their concerns. He also ensures all students have taken their COVID tests. Clanin ensures that NMA teachers, plant managers, and custodians have what they need in order to perform their jobs. However, his day mainly consists of him being in meetings. 

Our new assistant principal said he felt “optimistic” about the new school year. He was looking forward to bringing the kids back to school so they could resume learning and socializing with their peers. People have been affected by being at home for a year and a half, and he hoped to get students to socialize with people again.

Clanin spent over 15 years teaching as a history and social science teacher. He spent 10 years teaching at Francis Polytechnic High School and spent four and a half years at Sun Valley High School. Clanin said he became an assistant principal because he desired to have a greater impact on educational topics.

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