New principal takes on new challenges

Axel Brito

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

In his 21st year as a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District and former English teacher, Samuel Dovlatian is now “proud of being principal of Hollywood High School.”

Currently, HHS faces a teacher shortage with approximately 20 unfilled positions being reported at the beginning of the year which has been reduced to five through Dovlatian’s efforts. Unfortunately, the five unfilled positions are mathematics and English courses which places mounting pressure on the school and could jeopardize its students’ education. 

Despite these setbacks, Dovlatian continues forward as he deals with the difficulties of transitioning from a six-period to eight-period schedule that occurred before he took the position of principal, with this being Hollywood High’s “rebound year,” said Dovlatian. 

His strict imposition of COVID regulations set by LAUSD has allowed our school to remain nearly COVID-free with only four cases being reported up until now. His seriousness regarding the pandemic can be best summed up by what he has “understood that from the COVID experience, that life is precious.”

Additionally, he has provided the school with much-needed textbooks for newly added electives, such as Leighton Milton’s sociology course with more on the way for Dr. Steven Steinberg’s American History of Rock and Roll course, to name a few. 

Speaking of electives, anyone eager to partake or experience the performances of the school’s theater department Dovlatian reported that, “as far as performances, we do have guidance that we can have performances. Mr. Tourtellotte is definitely excited about that and whether it’s going to be indoors or outdoors, there is guidance about that and I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Senior Prom is still up in the air as to whether or not it will occur as it is too far into the future but the reintroduction of performances will be a tantalizing sense of much-needed normalcy.

He has achieved all of this while of course dealing with the pandemic and the burden of a new schedule and he said he appreciates all the support given to him by staff and students. 

Hopefully, after a tumultuous half-decade of the reins of power being transferred from principal to principal, Dovlatian’s hope of bringing stability to the HHS community by extending his vision from not only a year but long term to dutifully serve the community becomes reality.

“I love this community. I love my job. I love the students, the parents, and all the stakeholders,” said Dovlatian.

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