What is next for the Class of 2021


Guadalupe Dominguez Trujillo

Sports Editor

As we approach the end of the year seniors are beginning to think of only one thing: graduation. But before you start checking out make sure you have completed the following. 

This year LAUSD is requiring the Class of 2021 to complete the Senior Exit Survey and the Class of 2021 Tech Survey. Both forms can be found in Naviance which can be accessed through your Schoology account or by simply clicking on this link below. The Senior Exit Survey will be under the “What’s New” tab. While the Class of 2021 Tech Survey will be found under the “My Tasks” tab under “Planner”. Combined the surveys should take no more than twenty minutes to complete. Make sure to fill out these surveys before picking up your cap and gown on June 7. 

In order to place you in the appropriate math and writing courses universities and colleges will ask you to send your official highschool transcript. Most institutions have a due date for these transcripts, some as early as July 15. Which is why college counselor Alyssa Pinedo is asking the Class of 2021 to fill out the Transcript Request Form by June 18. The form will take no more than ten minutes as the questions only range from asking for your email and where you are planning to attend. If you want your name and the college you are attending to appear on the digital sign on Sunset and Highland you must complete the form as soon as possible.

Unlike the Free Application for Federal Student Aid the Cal Grant requires students to create an account in order to ‘send over’ the aid received to your college or university. Creating an account is simple; they will only ask for your Social Security Number or Dream Act ID, your name, and date of birth. Make sure to do this as soon as you know where you will be attending. If you are unsure of whether or not you received a Cal Grant, remember to check your school email. Pinedo sent out an email with the subject title “You received a Cal Grant!!!” which confirms that you received the grant. If you have any questions you can email Pinedo or attend her virtual office hours.

If you need help with completing the “Senior Exit Survey”,  Transcript Request Form, accessing your college portal, or anything related, Pinedo is hosting office hours throughout the week from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Zoom link to attend these office hours and the flyer can be found below.

Helpful Links

To access Naviance: Clever Login 

To request your official highschool transcript: Transcript Request Form

College Counselor Alyssa Pinedo Office Hours: Zoom Link Office Hours 5-7PM

More about Ms.Pinedo’s Office Hours: Office Hours Flyer 

To Create a CSAC account: CSAC-Create Account

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