Is it too soon to unmask?


Edwin Sandoval

Chronicle Reporter

The Centers for Disease Control announced this week that fully vaccinated people can now go outdoors and indoors without a mask. Local restrictions still apply and these fully vaccinated people can only have their masks off if they are not in a big crowd. 

Although the United States has made great progress in the fight against COVID-19, cases have been reported to be going up in certain states. It is hard to say if the end of COVID is coming or not. America is now vaccinating close to 3 million doses per day which is a lot, but has gone down since the start of April when vaccination was more than 4 million per day. The CDC announcing this shows progress in this fight is being made day by day- but is it enough? With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine resuming in the United States, these vaccination rates will likely go up again. 

Personally, I find this announcement to be quite troubling. Even without this announcement, seeing people in public without masks is quite common. And now I believe it will become a big issue with the people who aren’t fully vaccinated and will push to not wear masks as well. Even with students being able to get vaccinated in the United States, I believe that COVID won’t end soon. To some, the news about not wearing masks is great, but to others it causes concern. The CDC did say they based their decision on the fact that transmission doesn’t  happen as much outside as compared to indoors. This may cause problems, but nothing is for sure. I would hate to have another wave and be in the same position India is in. 

The big question is how does this apply in the LAUSD? Does it mean students are allowed to take their masks off when outside on campus? Does this also mean fully vaccinated students can resume sport activities without masks? The FDA has now approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds which every high school student is able to get vaccinated This adds even more questions. Is it too early to have people outdoors without masks even in small crowds?

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