How to opt out of state testing


Liz Voloshin

Chronicle Reporter

With state testing already starting for 11th graders, there is concern that opting out is impossible; however, this is not true. This article will explain the how to opt out of state testing and will answer any question you may have:

  • Is it even legal for me to opt out of the exam?

Yes! According to California Education Code section 60615, “a parent or guardian [is allowed] to submit a written request to school officials to exclude his or her child from any or all parts of state-mandated assessments.” You do not need to have a medical or deeply personal reason for wanting to opt out of state testing. The exams are only intended to provide a general idea of a student’s performance in school.

  • Exams have already started; can I still opt out?

Yes! Any part of the exam that you have done will be scored and reported to you and your parents. A student cannot be forced to partake in a test that he or she has opted out of. “If the parent’s request is submitted after testing has begun, any completed tests will be scored and the results will be reported to the parent or guardian and included in the pupil’s records,” according to the California Teachers Association. Students will be scored for whatever they do end up taking.

  • Will my grade be affected in any way?

Though a lot of rumors have been going around about testing, there are no consequences that come with opting out of the exam (other than not receiving scores). You will still be able to graduate, earn a diploma, and apply for a good college if you decide to not take the test. Something to note however, is that although college admission won’t be inhibited with opting out, the possibility of being placed in higher level college classes may be affected.

  • So how DO I opt out of the exam?

Opting out of the exam is extremely simple and all it requires is for your legal guardian to send a letter to the superintendent or principal of your school. If you are still unsure on how to opt out, you can contact your school’s principal and ask them how you can be exempt from testing.

In Los Angeles Unified School District, only 11th graders are being tested this year. The tests were canceled for the elementary and middle school students. Testing is scheduled to go on throughout the month of May.

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