Amazon partnership encourages higher education


Sidney Gonzalez

News Editor

The graduating class of 2021 has been offered an opportunity to secure a job with Amazon.

On May 17, Superintendent Austin Beutner sent an email to Los Angeles Unified School District seniors and made an announcement during the weekly updates discussing this new partnership with Amazon. He said that the decline of 3,000 students attending two year institutions after graduation from 2020 highlights the rate at which low-income families have been affected by the pandemic. 

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought financial challenges for many low-income families which has impacted the ability of their children to pursue their dreams and continue learning,” Beutner said during the announcement.

Within the hundreds of jobs available, this opportunity allows for flexible work hours to facilitate earning money and attending classes at the same time. This opportunity starts with the class of 2021, but will be available for any future graduating seniors who enroll full time in community college.

Amazon will be hosting resume-building workshops as well as sessions to practice job interviews. There will be information on the types of available jobs as well as advice on how to apply for them provided. Aside from work experience, there is a possibility of scholarships after the first year of maintaining employment.

Amazon Web Services, an Amazon computing platform, will start providing training to schools and teachers in the computer science field. Students can also receive a certificate in cloud computing that will allow them to learn skills and be eligible for higher-paying technology jobs at Amazon.

“This partnership with Amazon is just a start,” said Beutner in the email. “I hope many other employers in the region join us in this effort to make sure every student has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

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