Seniors take a trip to L.A.C.C


Danny Mejia

Chronicle Reporter

LACC hosted a virtual field trip on March 25 to those who would be attending next semester. The Zoom webinar had a variety of topics except a tour of the campus, ironic since it was titled a virtual field trip. A link was provided after registering or by contacting your college counselor.

“To be honest, I wish we could have advertised this event. It took place during the week of senior projects and also the last week of spring break,” said Ms. Pinedo.

Those who have been on track with preparing for college had little to no need of going. But for those who still have questions about applying to college, orientation, financial aid, and counseling can join on April 15. This Zoom meeting will also take place for those interested in the Summer Bridge program which will be a first-come basis to apply for classes.

 If you miss any of the former, don’t worry L.A.C.C is holding Zoom meetings weekly for each topic. For those unsure what to study, first year students talk about their experiences and about their trade departments such as nursing, computer science, and fitness. 

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