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Maryuri Ramirez

Chronicle Reporter

Schoology updates can get overwhelming. Everyday there are new posts and new information. Here is a rundown of all the important updates for the month of April. 

Peer Advocate

Lisa Hertzner announced on April 7 the search for peer advocates. “Peer Advocates a group of high school students who are trained by Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to serve as leaders and non-judgmental resources for sexual health information in their schools” said Ms. Hertzner. 

Peer advocates meet weekly in Zoom. The last day to apply is on Thursday April 15 at midnight. 

Peer Advocate Application:

Peer Advocate Recruitment Video:

Proficient in Korean or Mandarin

For students who are proficient in Korean or Manadarin, they may be able to earn the district Seal of Biliteracy. If you have taken Mandarin with Ms. Chen for 2 or more years, contact Ms.Shen as soon as possible to inquire about this exam. Ms. Shen will have training prior to the exam to help students pass the exam. 

Ms. Chen Email:

College Center’s upcoming workshops/presentations

There are many upcoming college presentations and workshops for the month of April. The presentations for University of Arizona, California State University Los Angeles, Class of 2021 Next Steps, and Ap Testing updates have already passed. 

On April 20 there will be a presentation for UC Santa Cruz. CSU East Bay will also have a presentation on April 21. There will be another presentation discussing the AP Exams on April 22 for those who missed it on April 8.

Edgenuity for Credit Recovery

School counselor, Cindy Dyer addressed the glitch that Edgenuity had that would not allow students to automatically progress through unit tests and quizzes. Ms. Dyer said that she reached out to the district before and during Spring break, but the glitch was not fixed. She apologized for the inconvenience and for those who wanted to accomplish more during the break. 

Ms. Dyer highly encourages students taking edgenuity to reach out to her, if they have any concerns and she will gladly assist. There are only 10 weeks left to complete Edgenuity classes. 

Letter to Parent Regarding Athletics 

On April 6, Salvador Hermosillo posted a letter to parents regarding athletics for spring 2020-21.

Letter regarding Athletics:

Apply to Community College

For seniors,  there is still time to apply to community college and it is free to apply. Ms Pinedo has created a google doc for information on all community colleges for students to view and connect with the counselor, application workshops, much more. 

Community College Contact Info Link:

Rocket League

On April 7, it was officially announced that the gaming club has officially started. In the month of April they will be playing “Rocket League”. All students are invited to join every Wednesday and Friday from 4:00pm-5:30pm. 

Gaming Club Zoom Link:

Learn 2 Future

Ali Nezu posted the a registration link to a program called Learn 2 Future: “The art of trailer making”. The program is free sessions that will help students create an impactful trailer for film projects. 

Registration Link:

Online Engineering Program

For the Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 students who are interested in engineering, Cal State LA will be hosting a 2-week online engineering program from July 12 to July 23. The program will help students learn about civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and tech.

Register Here:

Engineering program Flyer:

Reminder for Senior Class of 2021

The white cap and gown application is due on April 16. For students who want to keep the cap and gown the price is $8.94 and have to pay at the student store from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. 

White Cap and Gown Application:

March Madness Competition

The March Madness Competition is a competition between grade levels and SLC’s to win a  virtual Disneyland trip. The winners were announced on April 5. The attendance championship went to the 11th grade SAS, who had a 98.71% attendance. 

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